This fierce foursome of young Eccentric Dudes Are a band you do not want to sleep on. FUSING THEIR LOVE FOR ROCK, REGGAE, GOOD HANGS and good vibes, Bron DOn creates modern rock music with an old school kick to it. 

Meeting up in 2013 as Berklee College of Music freshman, neighbors Mike Cangemi, John Cattini and Mitchell Cardoza quickly formed a tight bond based of their musical tastes and odd humor. it wasn't till they collaborated on a song together for a Final project first semester, that they decided to form their group "Bron Don". With the addition of powerhouse drummer COlin Mohr, they have put out 2 albums and 3 EP's and after 3 years of gigging across the USA and Spain, bron Don has exploded to the top of Boston's music scene and continue to tear through the music world.  

now You might ask: "who or What or where is a bron Don? What does it mean?" Simply enough, IT MEANS ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING AND NOTHING AT ALL. okay so maybe it's not that simple after all. Truthfully"Bron Don" is A TERM COINED BY THE DUDES THEMSELVEs and they don't even know what it means...Just ask john...


who is Bron Don??

  • Mitchell Cardoza (Vocals/Guitar)

    • From Dartmouth, MA

    • Nickname: Bulldozy

  • John Cattini (Vocals/Guitar)

    • From London, UK

    • Nickname: Weens

  • Michael Cangemi (Bass)

    • From Scituate, MA

    • Nickname: Moist

  • Colin Mohr (Drums)

    • From Chicago, IL

    • Nickname: Red Panda